Multiple Sclerosis: Treatment

ilaya Clinic specialists are now using cellular technology in the fight against multiple sclerosis. This new Stem Cell Therapy to fight this insidious disease, which is often considered incurable, is showing excellent results to date with successful treatment outcomes.

Types of stem cells used for the multiple sclerosis treatment

We use the patient’s own stem cells taken from either their hair follicles or the patient’s own adipose tissue.

1) Consultation
At consultation stage, the doctor carries out a detailed clinical examination to identify lesions.

2) Collection and preparation of cellular material
The fence is carried out in the operating theatre under local anaesthesia.

3) The procedure for the introduction of cellular material
The introduction of cells into the patient is performed at intervals of 2-2.5 months, but already after the first treatment patients are showing improvements in their general state of health. After three or four months, patients reported restoration of sensitivity, mood stability, improvement of their sense of balance. In the following months, improved memory, gait, and the patient is gradually returning to a more familiar life.

4) Forecast
A year after the first injection, experts predict that these therapeutic effects can last for many years.

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